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We sell complete rebuilt Yamaha XS650 engines. We  don't have engines in stock at this moment!!!!, from 653 to 880 cc and from 1500 to 3500 euro (depending on new parts used).

All engines are (as) new from the inside and the outside. Engines feature:

100% checked or new crankshaft, always within factory tolerance
100% checked gearbox, with correct clearances, no worn gears
Fresh painted crankcases
Sand-blasted cylinders and head
Polished covers
New cam chain and guide
New camshaft bearings
New bolts
New filters
New clutch plates / springs
All new gaskets and O-rings
Etc. etc.

There is a 3 months warranty on all engines (except racing engines).

Engines come without carburettors / ignition / alternator.



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